Wednesday, January 16, 2013

7 things ( but really four)

1.  Foodies
 Adam and I want to try all kinds of different restaurants around here. More hole in the walls vs chains but really we just want to explore our new city.
 First on our list was Ian's. They sell pizza by the slice but their choices are not normal (seems to be a theme in Milwaukee, different menus). Adam got Philly Cheesesteak Pizza and I just got Feta, Tomato, and Spinach but are some of our choices were Cordon Bleu, Mac and Cheese, Lasagna, andBBQ. It was fun. We ate our pizza which was pretty good and then played some cards. We really like the card book we got near Christmas from Pottery Barn. We played Bezique and I surprisingly won. I just happened to get the rare double Bezique (Jack of diamonds, Queen of Spades times two) that gave me 500 points and allowed me to win hehe

2. The Mugs

My sister, Amy, had the idea to have my family get me mugs or items from the city where they are from since Adam and I are now living away from them. These small tokens remind me of my family members when I see them. I think it was a fantastic idea. Most of my family gave me mugs (some got broken on the flights out here ;( ) but some gave ornaments for our Christmas tree. It was so thoughtful.
I got this one in the mail this weekend. I love it.

Since I have moved from Maryland, I really miss how good the crab is. This cup brings back so many good memories from Family vacations. I'm so excited to use it for hot cocoa ;)

3. The Weather
The weather is getting more Wisconsin-ish which I'm not exactly opposed too. I want to see what makes Milwaukee winter so awful. Everywhere I have moved as of late is always warmer than what everyone else says is the normal. I moved to Kentucky. Record high heat and it was hot the whole time I lived there. I moved to Indiana. Mild winter. Hardly any snow at all and then a weird warm streak in March. Now I'm on to Milwaukee where there is so much complaint about the winter and everyone talks about how good the summer is. We'll see. So far the winter is just as mild as last year.

 Freezing rain is on my tires.

4. For King and Country
I am a huge fan of this band. Good design. Great message. I heard them on the local Christian radio station but have since been listening to them and like a number of their songs such as The Proof of Your Love, Light it up, Middle of your Heart, and Fine, Fine Life.  I read briefly about the story behind the Light it up song. The brothers, who make up the band, had a friend who was depressed and would just stay in his house in the dark. He was hopeless. They wrote the song because they wanted to let their friend know he was worth it and that there was hope. I thought it was a really sweet story.

My four things are so long and I can't really think of three more, so I'm just going to call it a day.

Anyone been eating at new places or listening to new music?


Leighann said...

I asked my husband to buy a Pittsburgh mug 3 times on his way home from work. He forgot. I saw one the other day and almost bought it to mail it to you. :) Maybe I still will!

Mom said...

Glad you are on the blogspot. I love hearing about what you are up to and that you loved the ornament we sent you....guess who...yup, your Mom.