Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I got married! Whoot! Whoot! Which is why it took so long for me to blog. Between a full-time job, wedding planning, job searching, packing up all my stuff, and hanging out with friends, blogging took the backseat. Well, I'm going to try and be more of a presence on this blog.

Moving on. I'll blog about our wedding when I get the professional pictures back.
 Adam and I went to Mexico for our Honeymoon. It was really fun to A) go on vacation together and B) a warm place in the winter.

They knew we were on our honeymoon  so they kept making everything swans and flowers. 

 Adam and I had never been to a resort so we didn't realize what it all entailed.

 This one was like an all-enclusive zoo. So many peacocks. Loved it.


and this cutie (coati)
One day we decided to explore the neighboring town and found this.

 our sweet digs.

The Happy couple complete with colds (real life happens)

We went to shows, played activities (ping-pong championships (adam won), dance lessons, tennis, etc), read by the beach, and enjoyed the time together. We had a really good time. We also threw away my immigration form and had a hard time getting out of the country. Haha We had to go to Delta's office and make a copy of my passport and they confiscated my tickets, then we went down to immigration where we had to re-fill out the forms and pay 295 pesos. Only we didn't have pesos, so we had to go to the ATM (which charged us) and then got gouged at the currency exchange to get pesos. Then as we were going back upstairs to the Delta office, I fell up the concrete stairs and almost broke our souvenirs.  At the time, I was really frustrated but now Adam and I laugh about how I almost had to stay in Mexico hehe

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Leighann said...

yay! the honeymoon. sounds like you had a lot of fun. minus the colds, and falling up the stairs, and throwing away your important documents. :) and I love that there was a WI license plate.