Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So the last month has been crazy.

Here's a quick recap:
Beginning of August, I got to go down to Georgia to visit some friends and see one of our other friends get married. The wedding was fun and then we made a long weekend out of it and chilled at the pool and tried on wedding dresses. Well actually I tried
on wedding dresses but my friends helped me and we just had a really fun time.

Then I went home for two nights, one to work and one to pack and then I left for
Chicago/Milwaukee/South Dakota trip with Adam and his family. We had a blast. He showed me where he would live, go to class, and other random/awesome things about Milwaukee. For real, really cool city that I wouldn't mind living in. It has so much to do but still feels like a small city that doesn't have that much traffic. We went to Marquette and looked around, stopped someone from stealing a bike outside the library (real life), ate lunch, walked around Third Ward (an older district of town that has been renovated into public markets, restaurants, and shops), went to the beach, played golf, ate dinner, saw his now house (he's living with a family) and then went home. It was fun
( street on the Third Ward)

Then we got up very early and drove for 12 hours. Played a lot of travel scrabble, talked, read, and ate almost half a box of fig newton's and tried to blame that on Adam but he wouldn't let me get away with that haha We all stayed in a hotel and then got up and drove a tiny bit and stopped at the Badlands. His dad knew I had never been out west and seen anything like it so he was always pointing out interesting things which was nice because I don't always pay attention haha
The badlands-- apparently a lot of space-based movies have been filmed here because of the crazy terrain.

Then we headed to the ranch were Adam's sister, Sarah, was working for the summer. Then on to Mount Rushmore where I took more pictures of the presidents than I'll ever want. The next day, we went on a trail ride and Sarah was our wrangler which is what she had been doing all summer and just chilled around the ranch an small town. The next day, we hiked Hurney Peak, which is the highest peak east of the Rockies and west of the Pyrennes. It was beautiful but very tiring. We also saw a lot of wildlife around Custer State Park which is right there. It was a super fun day!
Reverse Drive-thru at Custer State Park-- Is it bad that I kind of want a burro? I mean look at the baby one--- so cute!!
The next day, we literally drove all day long. I read 1.5 Harry Potter books and played more travel scrabble. I even one a round of it.
Then I left the next day. Since then I've been freelancing for different clients (more on that later), nannying, waitressing, and opening a gym in the wee hours of the morning to help a friend cover a shift.

Pray for me, I had an interview this morning. There are many pros/cons to getting or not getting the job so....


Anonymous said...

It is not bad that you want a burro. That is a perfectly normal reaction to seeing a baby burro. I remember how badly I wanted an ewok after seeing star wars with bobby. I begged him to get me one. He informed me that they are not real creatures and I still begged him to please find a way to get me a baby ewok... haha. glad you had fun. MISS YOU :(

Leighann said...

The baby burro is awfully cute. Sounds like Milwaukee and Pittsburgh are a lot alike: small town, big town ammenities, colleges, awesome people... you know I could go on and on. It sounds like your trip was pretty cool and you did great stuff. Love you.