Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Adam is quick-witted all.the.time. Sometimes this gets him into trouble but most of the time it's just hilarious. I remember one of the first times we hung out, he convinced me to run the shot clock at the men's basketball game (I think it was men's but could have been women's) while he did the stats. He told me it wasn't a problem that I hadn't run the shot clock before and that he would help me. Well, we are sitting at the table in the middle of the court when the referee walks up to talk to us before the game. She asks if we've done our jobs before.
(gulp) Me: Sure.
Referee: Because it's okay if someone taking stats hasn't done their job before but it can be very problematic if the person doing shot clock hasn't done it before.
Me: (double gulp)
Adam: We're good. We'll take care of it.

Oh boy, did I freak out and give him the scared eyes. He assured me it would be ok. The game comes to half-time with no real problems but we find the referee once again at our table.

Referee: I noticed a couple of times that you were a little late on the shot clock.
Adam: Yeah, I noticed a couple of time that you had some bad calls but you don't hear me saying anything.

haha I still remember how good it felt for him to stick up for me

Pressing on....
Back to when I say Adam is quick witted all.the.time, I didn't realize it was as soon as he wakes up or even in the middle of the night. Adam is what some people would call a morning person. I don't quite understand how he does it but as soon as his alarm goes off or he wakes up before his alarm, he is ready to go. He is happy to face the day. He comes up with jokes or funny poems about our marriage as soon as his eyes open. Of course I enjoy this, I just wish I was more awake when he was saying all these funny or cute things to me. When I actually roll out of bed later, I can't figure out if it was all a dream or what he exactly said. Anyways, we haven't been sleeping with our comforter on our bed because Adam gets way too hot and doesn't sleep as well. Most nights, it hasn't been a problem because it hasn't been too cold outside to make the temperature drop and we have another thinner blanket on our bed. Well the other night, it was chilly and I found myself awake because of it. I was reaching over to find Adam so that I could steal some of his warmth when I felt my hand get slapped away.
Adam: I got the reactions of a cat. Get off me. (Get off me- is a saying he, his friends, and even parents use. It's like I just did something awesome and you can't make fun of me, or look at that, etc at least that's how I take it-- It doesn't physically mean to get off of him)
Me: What? How did you know I was even reaching for you. Were you already awake?
Adam: Nope. I sensed some movement in my sleep so I just reacted.

Excuse me? Who a) senses movement like a hand reaching and b) has something funny to say after you slap said hand away? We laughed and laughed about that and I still laugh about it when I think about it. He's funny.


Leighann said...

Very fun! This is a fun "ah-ha" to have about a new spouse. Hope all the other "Gosh, I didn't know that about you" things are just as fun. :)

Anonymous said...

This is funny. Aaron and I are laughing together! I love you and I am so glad you have so many giggles. I hope Adam brings you a lifetime of those!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I am glad she shut that referee up. That's the kind of thing most people want to say but don't.