Wednesday, January 9, 2013


My day started yesterday with this group message, which seems to be the norm lately for my family. I love it. It's fun to get random picture updates. Sorry Katie, who seems to just get the replies and never the original message. Speaking of that, Katie don't you need a new phone. I suggest an iPhone. Imagine getting the original message and the replies and actually knowing what we're talking about it. You'd be like me and that's pretty awesome in itself. Moving on.

I'm the response in green

close up of the cutie herself in case you couldn't really see it on that other picture

 In response. I got this adorable video. Sorry that it's seems to be low quality.

I of course I sent an apology video in reply to that reminding Muriel that I am in fact her favorite. Gotta give that positive reinforcement when you can.

I may be far away from my family (which is sad) but I love that we still keep in contact via text, skype, email, etc. Love it.

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Leighann said...

so not funny to tell her I asked for them... i'll put that away for future reference.....