Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Networking and Flat Tires

I have been networking as of late and meeting a lot of new people. At one of my networking lunches, I went to use the bathroom and saw these signs leading to the "emergency exit" door. It was really funny. Well done Potbelly Sandwiches.

 While at another meeting this week, I got this fun view of the city.

 Pictures don't do it justice. I could see for miles in any direction.

 After my meeting, I came out to deal with this. I had noticed it on my way in, so while I was admiring the city I looked for a gas station.
When I got there, I pulled up to the air machine and then got a chance to really admired my tire. I don't have very much experience with tires but I was thinking that air wasn't going to help this puppy. So I ventured over to the nearest gentleman at the gas pumped and had the following conversation.

Me: Excuse me sir. Do you have any experience with tires?
Random Sir: Um, not much.
Me: Can you take a look at my tire. I'm not sure if air is going to help at all but I'm unsure.

At this point, we are walking around my car to see the tire

Him: Ohhhh my word! Wow! How long have you been driving on that? Air is not going to help it at all. Lucky for you, this gas station also has a garage. You just need to talk to them and they will help you. You can't drive on that. You will ruin your rim.
Me: Thanks so much! Will do.

I walked into the garage and they pumped air into my tire so that I could get to Firestone and get new tires. Apparently tires don't like nails. Lucky me. Complete with a new battery, the recent car purchases have made my car ready for the Wisconsin Winter.


Mom said...

And your new leather gloves from ur Mom will help your hands weather Wisc winters too :) Miss u Baby!

Leighann said...

Mom commented on your blog! OMGsh. Seriously. She's commented on my blog maybe 3 times in 4 years. And she has never said she missed me. I knew you were her favorite. Or is that Amy? Can't keep it straight! Ha.