Thursday, January 3, 2013


Adam took me skiing last Friday for the first time ever. I lived maybe 20 minutes from a place to ski in Maryland but I'm not really sure why we never went. Maybe because my parents weren't into it or there were 7 of us who all played winter sports but either way I'm 23 and I hadn't ever been skiing before. Adam on the other hand, who came out of the womb a natural athlete, is of course great at skiing. He was more than excited to hit the slopes on Friday after a 3 year absence.

 We went to Devil's Head Natural Park just an half and hour away from us.

 I liked the hot cocoa breaks ;)

and the green circles (that's the easy hill, right?)

and him ;)

We're so cute, right? (this is a rhetorical question if the answer isn't yes ;)

So glad that all this free Olympic gear came into such great use ;)

This was Adam's view most of the day because I'm such a fast skier! Or because I'm soooo slow he let me go first every time. Personally, I think the first option is much more believable.

 Riding the ski lift.

We skied till after dark. That's when it got sketchy on one hand (icy) but also more fun because there were less people. 

Overall, I liked skiing. It was fun but I was a little nervous about going fast hehe which seems to be a good thing. I'm excited to go again sometime soon now that I live in the north. I mean I've only been here a little over 3 weeks and I've already gone curling and skiing, what other winter sport will I do next?

We stopped in Madison (more on that later) on our way back home at this Jewish deli. It was an eclectic restaurant with all different tables and interesting stuff hanging from the ceiling. The regular menu was 20 pages along with about that many pages in the dessert. It was such a fun place to go. It looked like a circus inside.

Our table was like an etch-sketch, this table was a marble maze, some had memorabilia, and others had train tracks. It was a really cool place.

Adam and I were laughing about this dessert especially since we had that bat-mitzvah party back a few years. Remember it?


Abby Wilkinson said...

Love this! What fun memories you guys are making already!

Leighann said...

henry took me skiing my first time too. and i think kenny took johanna. prolly cause like you said, our family just didn't do it (it can be expensive, that's my theory). i should tell the story sometime b/c I had so much fun I've NEVER done it again. But I think I'm ready to give it another go. We're planning a ski weekend with the kids in February. As for winter activities, I think you should plan a polar bear plunge for next year. :)
p.s. i never called you back. oops. i'll be more organized next week, i promise.