Monday, December 31, 2012


Wow, so much has happen since the last time I blogged. More on that in later posts. For now, I wanted to blog about Christmas. I am so glad that at least Adam's family live close so that we have family to spend the holidays with.  

Before heading down for the weekend, we hit up Candy Cane Lane. It's a neighborhood in Milwaukee that goes all out for Christmas decorations and thus dubbed Candy Cane Lane. It was really fun to see all the different houses.

Then we headed down on Saturday to see A Christmas Carol with Adam's family. It was a really good show and a fun time.

We had really good seats ;)

Adam's family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve because Adam's Mom usually works on Christmas day. So we went to the Christmas Eve service and then came home to open gifts. Sarah didn't go to the service because she didn't want to (no judgment here, but this detail will be important later).
 When we went out to eat after A Christmas Carol, some how wills came up and Adam was joking about how to get into his grandma's will. She said if he got her a stocking, he could be in her will.
Let the fun begin.

Adam reminding his grandma of "their" deal. He got them a stocking full of gifts from the dollar store including sardines, snow in a can, and a glow in the dark hatchet, fourteen in total.

Then Sarah presents her stocking to her grandparents with a heartfelt poem about her love and appreciation of her grandparents (that she wrote while we we're at church) and you should have seen Adam's face.

 These were everyone else's faces.

 His mom and dad were crying they were laughing so hard.

 The Ward Family ;)

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Leighann said...

Yay! A post! A very funny one at that. Sounds like Sarah stole the show. Glad you had fun.