Monday, November 21, 2011


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So I got the job. I'm moving in a little over a week. I found a place, just looking for a roommate (Katie, the last tenant had a dog so jack would be welcome and there are some OT schools within an hour radius... I checked.)I'm thankful for this opportunity and just feel like God really orchestrated events to get me this job. I had the shortest stint of work at Starbucks maybe known to man. I had worked just over 2 weeks when I put in my 2 weeks notice. Wow, I didn't even have time to have an opinion about the place. I really liked the people. It doesn't hurt when you work with 3 of your friends. I also love sugary, bad-for-me drinks and now I know a lot more that I like at that place. It's also hard to say no to said sugary, bad-for-me drinks when they're free. So I guess it's good for my physique that I am not working there anymore. I'm excited for the next season of life but also nervous because I know myself and not having friends is hard. So I'm hoping all will be well and I'll be okay even if a little lonely.

Happy Thanksgiving week. I'm excited to see all my family and have a few days of rest and not have to wake up at 4:40.

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Anonymous said...

can you email or text me specifically where you will be located? I will begin ot school search/application process as soon as I hear from you :) I'm pretty sure that I'm serious.