Tuesday, August 2, 2011

For those of you who were wondering

this is what my baller ring looks like. It's sooo pretty.

trying to get you all different angles.

Anyways, Adam and I had so much fun in Louisville yesterday for my birthday. We hung out all day at the waterfront park, which was sooo legit. This summer has been the summer to learn of all the cool things that I could have been doing all throughout college but never got around to it. This was one of those things. We got there ten minutes after they closed the bike shop because it was so hot and no one was renting bikes but ideally you could rent bikes/buggies to ride along the river and all over the park. There are at least two huge playgrounds and a splash area (which is quite refreshing on a scorching day), lots of paths, lots of porch-swings and just random cool things in a huge park along the Ohio River right in the city. It was so fun and Adam was hilarious yesterday so I was laughing a lot haha. Love my birthday and all the free food you can get at all the various restaurants. We went to the Cheesecake Factory and told the waiter it was my birthday so he wrote "Happy Birthday to You" in chocolate sauce around the cheesecake plate. It was awesome. He even put in a candle and threw some confetti sprinkles on the plate. Loved it!! Wish I had a camera on my phone to capture it and show you guys.

I told you, Adam was being hilarious yesterday, right? This is him jump/dancing up every single stair to the car. Haha there had to be 10 or so stairs that he did this on. So funny.

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