Thursday, September 15, 2011


My life is one big waiting period. I'm waiting to hear back from a job that will determine what happens in the next 2 years of my life.... it's getting so hard to wait. I'd love to know the answer so that I could figure out what I'm doing, when I'm getting married, how I'm paying off loans, etc. but for now I'm waiting. I hope that soon, I will be able to get settled either here or somewhere else and get to pick a wedding date :)
Also, I will be happy for the day when all that I own isn't falling apart. Maybe that day won't come for a while but for now I can dream. I let a friend borrow my car and forgot to tell them that the passenger window doesn't go back up after you put it down. They of course put the window down because it was a nice day and they weren't driving very far. Now, my window is down and it was rainy yesterday and it's cold today :( I know it may be vain but I'm embarrassed that I have a garbage bag duct taped to my car. I'm hoping the dad of the family I live with will help me fix it a.s.a.p but again I'm just waiting here ;)


Leighann said...

I would be embarrassed too about the duck tape. I'm so sorry. I once had a car that didn't start in the rain. It was the car that took me to classes so it was really frustrating for the spring, oh and fall, and winter when it was above 32 degrees. :(

Anonymous said...

ugh! I know exactly what you're talking about. I feel like i've been in limbo for the last year and a half. I, myself, am getting really sick of it. hang in there, it'll get better. but, unfortunately we both are gonna have to wait.
<3 Katie