Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bajillion Pounds

That is how many pounds I will weigh if I don't stop baking. The cold/rainy weather has got me in the mood to bake fall-ish things and I noticed that I have pinned a lot of desserts on Pintrest but haven't made ANY of them as of late. So on Monday I made Apple Crumb Bars and Adam would not stop going on about them. He called me, and I quote, a "goddess of food". (Thanks sweetie, I will always accept goddess compliments). Oh and Adam randomly and spontaneously made the almost 8 hr drive to see his friends and I this weekend (He's such a trooper). I loved those stolen moments with him. I kept touching his arm or head or whatever just to make sure he was real. It just felt so surreal to actually see him in person.

Anyways, back to food. Yesterday, I made Caramel Pumpkin Cookies without the pecans because I just wasn't feeling them. These were good but I might do the caramel differently next time. I was told to put in those caramel squares that are wrapped in little cellophane packages and to cut them in bite size pieces. Which in theory sound good but when the cookie isn't warm, the caramel chunks are so chewy, I just don't like it.

Then tonight for the start of our small group/book club thing, I made Cinnamon Pumpkin baked donuts with the leftover pumpkin. (My only option for the canned pumpkin was one store that had only the double can-- so I had sooo much pumpkin--Also canned pumpkin has a season? I was the last to know apparently). I couldn't find the cinnamon chips I was supposed to use but there is so much cinnamon already in them that they are so good. Definitely hit the spot tonight and I had never made donuts so that was fun too.

Kindra and I really like the donuts :)

Look at all of them! So good.

What will I make tomorrow? Oh the options.


Leighann said...

I've been baking too off of pinterest. It's terrible. I made the s'mores bars (very sweet... good, but not worth the calories) and the choc pb pretzel balls. Um, yeah, i'll make those again. super rich, way worth every single calorie and more. yummy!

Kate said...

That is a freaking awesome lead. Remind me to use that in a feature story. (Not that I write feature stories, but you know...)