Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crazy Hair and Work

This is what my hair looks like right now.

Crazy right? It was inspired by this blog post. I wanted to do it because I knew it wouldn't last long and I don't have a big kid job yet so I don't have to worry about it ;)

I'm making my donation today to Invisible Children. God has provided so much this week. I'm happy to take the next step in obedience :)


Abby Wilkinson said...

Totes Cute!

Anonymous said...

first of all I'm so excited that you posted something so soon after your previous two posts! I did not expect to find anything new on your page... Yay!
Second, I LOVE your hair. I want it for myself. (I mean the style, not your exact hair follicles, just in case the wording was confusing haha)
Third, I'm so happy that you made enough money to give to the invisible children and that you are sending it. I know it's easy to get greedy when you're living paycheck to paycheck so I'm proud of you for taking that step.
love you lots, so does jack.

Leighann said...

um, i just wanted to let you know it's been 10 days since your last post. not that i'm counting.