Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quick List

1. Today was much better than yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn't have any work to do that would give me money but I made myself useful around the house, which made everyone else feel better. I folded the laundry, made dinner, did the dishes, and had a dance party with the kids. It was really fun. If you ever feel down, have a dance party with kids. You'll feel better before you know it.

2. Apparently, I enter contests now. I've entered 2 today haha. Well, one of them is a for a diamond dash in Lexington for next Saturday. I don't really know all the rules but I do know that my friend and I were accepted as contestants today and we'll be going all around Lexington next Saturday based on clues sent on our cell phone. The grand prize you might ask. A diamond ring worth $19,500 haha So the likelihood of us winning probably isn't that high but it's free and I get to traverse all over Lexington with one of my good friends. Can't be bad, right?

3. My hard drive is about to fail so I had to buy a new one today so that I won't be computerless.

4. On one hand, I really like freelancing and making my own schedule but on the other hand it's hard to work with people that you don't come into contact with on a day to day basis. If they don't answer your email or phone call, you're kind of stuck.

5. Skype is way better than talking on the phone. Also Skype is way better for long distance relationships... hands down. That's my two cents.

I could make up two more quick lists about my life but they're not very interesting so I don't want to bore you all :)

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