Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween and photo shoots

If you came to Starbucks on Monday, this is what I would have looked like serving your drink or pastry to you. I love holidays. I'm hoping we get to dress up for Thanksgiving and Halloween too. haha.

This Halloween, I went with the Ellsworths to Treats on Main. All the local businesses handed out candy and had fun games for the kids to plain all up and down Main Street. It was so cute. So many awesome costumes that I wish I could have captured to show you all. I saw i phones, a deck of cards (dad-king, mom- queen, baby- joker, other kids- A, 2), pumpkins, and other adorable costumes.

This is who I went with. The cute little puppy and the beautiful Belle.

Sawyer took his costume dressing up very seriously. He was always in character ;)

This was an adorable little clown. I couldn't resist.

My computer finally got fixed (thanks to multiple people and Apple ;) and I finally got to put my pictures from my camera onto my computer. I noticed that Addy has gotten to be my model over the last month a lot more than I realized.

I've wanted to do this picture for a while. I saw the idea off of pintrest.

She was showing me her moves haha


Leighann said...

so fun! you are coming to MD for thanksgiving aren't you? we're trying to all be there since Amy wn't be up for xmas. Bring Adam. It'll be fun.

Anonymous said...

So Cute!!!! Love all the pictures! Love your costume! Love that sawyer was in character! made me laugh. and, that little girl is SO cute. Love the pictures of her as a princess with her dresses on the line. LOVE IT! i just pretty much love this whole post.