Monday, May 6, 2013

Wrist Update

I had my nerve test Thursday. The doctor started off by measuring where the nerves were on my arm with a tape measure and a pen. I was chuckling to myself when he was putting pen marks on my arms where the nerves were located because my mom would have been so mad at him. She always told us not to write on our skin because you could get ink poisoning. He used something that looked like a small taser, warning me it would feel like a shock on a door knob, but maybe a little stronger. I don't know what doors he is touching after shuffling his feet on carpet, but remind me not to go through those doors. If felt more like touching an electrical socket for a couple seconds. The 2nd part of the test involved sticking needles into various muscles on my arms and hands and then relax/contract said muscles and having it record the results on his computer. Most of the pricks didn't hurt but oh boy did a couple of them really hurt and hurt for a while after the test. The result of the test was that I have mild carpal tunnel in my right wrist (the nerve that is linked to the thumb through the ring finger gets pinched in the "carpal tunnel" of the wrist and can cause a various list of problems) and nerve-wise everything is fine in my left arm. I talk to the specialist,who asked me to get this test, on Thursday to talk about treatment options and diagnosis of my left arm. My left arm has actually been giving me more problems as of late so it will be interesting to see what is wrong.

Just wanted to give you guys an update. Sorry, I've been so busy lately!

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