Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Part 1

We were invited to go to Adam's aunt and uncle's lake house in Michigan this past weekend. The funny thing is that it's about 70 miles away if we went right over the lake but we decided that was way too expensive!!! (the ferry is a $500 roundtrip for 2 people and a car- Yikes!)

So we decided to go to Wheaton to visit some friends on Friday night and cut down some of our trip. (Uncle Dan and Aunt Steph weren't getting there till Saturday). So we met some friends for dinner and real bocce ball. Apparently it's played indoors and a little more like bowling.

 (it's all laned off. You have to throw the ball before that yellow line. You have to get it past the center line but you can't hit the far wall or that ball is out of play. Then obviously you are trying to get it closest to the small ball. It's way easier to hit any of the balls out of play than when you play out on different terrain.

 The winners! (We look like we're holding our first child haha)
 The three couples ;) Adam's friends from high school. I really like them. They are a very fun and friendly group.

 The boys! (Matt and Brogen were in our wedding ;)
 They've been friends since middle school when they were on different sports teams and living super close to one another.
The girls- Jenny and Kaylyn

 We had so much fun! I'm really glad we decided to do this. Then we headed to the in-law's house and got to catch up with them before bed ;)

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Anonymous said...

I don't wanna hear that crap about "real" bocce ball. It's real when it's outdoors- only wisconsinans have to play indoors. Jk looks like you had fun. Love your bangs and the pic of you and Adam holding your victory trophy. -Katie