Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Part 2

The start of the trip! 1. What I was trying to take a picture of. 2. What I actually took a picture of because I forgot to switch the view on my phone.

On Saturday, we took our time getting to the cottage because we knew Uncle Dan and Aunt Steph plus kids weren't going to be there until 5 and we were going to gain an hour travel between time zones. It was really fun. We stopped at several different lighthouses, played on the beaches/piers, stopped at antique stores, and took the scenic way all the way up.

The first stop was South Haven. We saw this cool replica of a War of 1812 Schooner out on the lake and got to watch it come all the way in. It was the highlight of my day. Also of the three lighthouses we saw that day, this one was my favorite. 

 The weather was the best here so we played on the swings too. We met this adorable little girl who decided to give us some of her rock collection. It was super random but really cute. Then we bought some lemonade from a kid who was trying to go to Disney World this summer. It was way cute.
Every picture this weekend, I might have this jacket on in some capacity.  I usually pride myself in my packing abilities but I really dropped the ball on this one. I brought 4 shirts, one of them being a tank top and the other three being basically the same color that clashed with said jacket. It was pretty chilly all weekend so I basically ended up wearing this jacket, plus a hoody, and another jacket all weekend. Good one.

We were trying to get pictures of us in the air. Adam was a little late in taking this one haha but I really stuck my landing.

Next stop was Grand Haven. This lighthouse looked similar to the first one but had a house/barn looking thing along with it.

The pier was long and the wind was really chilly so this is where I was hiding for a little bit.

After we took a scenic detour through Holland, Michigan to see all the dutch related things, we came to Muskegon. This had two separate light houses on two separate piers. The one pier was super long!

this was the half way mark in the "L" shape pier. It was a long walk but it was really cool.  We finally made it to the cottage around 6 after traveling all day but we really enjoyed our adventure.

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Jennifer said...

It's been a while since I've commented, but you were right by me!! We live in grand haven! :)