Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Great Weekend

The weather was supposed to be gross this weekend, full of wind and rain, but instead all we got was beautiful sunshine! I loved it. Our weekend was full of fun, chill and spontaneous plans. The best kind of weekend.

Saturday, we walked out of apartment and saw all these cars because folks, the farmer's market has started and it is literally across the road. So exciting! (usually there isn't a car in this area)

This time of year, people are mostly selling flowers and herbs but as different harvesting seasons develop, people will bring different stuff on Saturdays. I'm so pumped. We got some local white honey (really yummy) and real Wisconsin maple syrup. Yummy!

We then decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and walk down in the Third Ward. I love, love this party of the city. We stopped in a cute boutique and put on some hipster (dorky) glasses. They're kind of fun.
(I don't know why the picture is stretched ;(

The Third Ward has this really cool public market modeled after the one in Seattle. We went there for lunch because you can get all kinds of fun, local stuff. (Katie, Amy, and whoever else has a gluten problem, they even have gluten free options here ;)

We found a river walk and got to see fun views of the city.

 So fun!

Then we went to another suburb and saw Lake Michigan. It was so nice.

 Skipping rocks. Classic thing to do on Lake Michigan. Adam is really good at it.
 I am really bad at it (my form is atrocious) but I have really cute shoes on so... who cares, right?
 The city!

Sunday was full of more time at Lake Michigan (bocce ball and laying out, with friends, and two graduation parties. It was really fun to attend these events and A) not have to think about getting homework done around our spontaneous fun B) not have to small talk everyone you have ever known because the party is all about you or C) not have to help out with any of the said parties because it's your family member graduating... It was nice.

In other news, we got our table and three of our chairs done (the other chair needs to be fixed a little before we can redo it).

Ombre yellow! So excited to reveal it this week ;)


Anonymous said...

Love how much fun you had! Love that you live across the street from a farmer’s market! And, Love how girly you are! haha, I’m glad you were wearing cute shoes.


Leighann said...

How fantastic is it that the farmer's market is literally across the street from you? I'm sortof jealous! Your weekend sounds fabulous... we wanna see The Third Ward (sounds like a movie title or the title of your baby announcement in coming years. :) ) when we come visit you. And skip rocks on Lake Michigan. Enjoy the summer. When does Adam start classes again?