Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Table Reveal!

All the original chair pieces before we worked on them

I told Adam I really wanted to re-do furniture so about a month ago, when he helping his buddy move he saw this table that our friend's mom was getting rid of and swooped it up for me.  

I never saw what it looked like put together but I imagine it looked something like this.

This was one big learning project since we both don't have much experience with furniture. We did lots of sanding, stripping (the furniture kind, not anything else), staining, painting, and using polyurethane to protect the stain. We also were led astray by a nice man in Home Depot who told us to use steel wool and Comet to strip off the existing polyurethane. If you are going for that kind of distressed look, that method is very affective but if not, it kind of roughs the wood up more than sand paper and therefore affects the color of the stain. All just a learning process.

Adam and I both had ideas for the table and were able to mesh them together to make a really unique item. We're such a good team. He helps our ideas come to life. I am not very good with straight lines or measuring and of course, he is really good at these things. Very convenient for me.

We had a lot of work to do with all the staining and painting. I decided I wanted to stain the table and then using four different shades of a yellow to paint a couple of inches on each leg a coordinating yellow. Then I wanted to paint the chairs except a a couple inches on the legs that we would stain to coordinate with the table. This was a long process but by the end, we got very good at it.
The legs drying after we stained them

Here is how the chair seat looked... um, yuck. So I decided to re-dos those too.

Here is our table. It's hard to get a good picture of it.

And here are three of the four chairs. The last chair needs to be repaired before we can paint it the brightest yellow we've got.

 I love the ombre colors
I think I like the fabric I used, but was also considering using the fabric on the left
with the blue fabric or just using all blue fabric. I"m not sure how I feel about my fabric choices. Any advice? Is the bold fabric too much for the table that already has some stuff going on? It's also hard because all the chairs are different yellows so it's hard to plan what will look good on all of them.

 All in all, I'm really excited. I think the table turned out how we wanted and we can say that we did it ;) I'm also excited to have people over for dinner and not make them stand, share the two stools we have, or eat on our new couch... just saying that thing was expensive.

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Leighann said...

I love it!! If I had my choice of fabric, I would choose the chevron or the ikat. :)