Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Part 3

I can't believe I am still blogging about this almost a week later. So sorry! I took so many pictures that I wanted to share though.

Uncle Dan and Aunt Steph's cottage is one of several cottages on an old family retreat center so there is a pool, tennis court, basketball court, shuffleboard, etc. Adam being the active one he is, loved this fact.

The boys were active all day long. Here is part of their tennis match.

Adam and I got to play shuffleboard. I've never played but it has a similar concept to curling. He beat me a couple time per the usual but then I kicked his butt. 85-21! It was awesome. I gotta savor those games that I actually win because Adam is so good at everything. No exaggeration. The man can win anything even if it's a game of luck vs skill.

We then went to the dunes. On the east coast, dunes are small and you aren't allowed on them because there is always some kind of endangered animal that is nesting there. In the midwest, the dunes are a different story all together. I don't know if you can tell but this dune is huge and it is a redneck's playground. So many suburbans and jeeps were going down this thing. It was really cool.

It looked like we were in the desert. To the right of the picture were even more dunes. That is Silver Lake which is what the cottage overlooks. To the right of this picture was Lake Michigan. It was a really cool area.

I was at the top of the dune and that is Adam's cousins plus friends going down it. The girl at the bottom of the dune is Adam's cousin. It was crazy far down.

We played bocce ball and layout out for a while and then had to climb back up this dune. It was crazy hard. Interesting fact about these huge dunes is that they move a little each year due to the wind. Over the years they have "swallowed" up some houses. The current house that is closest to the dunes has to clean their garage off frequently because the dune is right next to it. I would hate to own that house. But to their defense, they used to be the fourth closest house to the dunes so who would have known.

Later that day, we headed to a neighboring town and ate some dinner. After dinner we went and looked at the "lighthouse" on the pier. It was interesting looking and red because that seems to be the theme of Michigan lighthouses.

Adam photobombing the girls' photo. (L-R) Cousins Ali and Emily and then their friends.

The next day, we decided to see the neighboring lighthouse called little Sable point lighthouse. It was my favorite one because it looked more like a traditional lighthouse.

We decided to go up in the lighthouse and learn all about it. It was very interesting and I learned way too much to blog about.

 I liked these little tags that were all around the balcony saying how far away things were.
We were so close.

 It says Chicago is only 134 miles away if you can't tell.

What a wonderful weekend and now it's the weekend again. So pumped! Happy Friday

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