Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Desk Reveal

Guys, I am soooo excited about this one. I cannot believe this cutie is all mine.

Okay remember this gem we found at the habitat for humanity thrift store?

Well, I actually really liked how it was because I just thought it was so cute. It has so much character and potential but in the end, I decided to spruce it up. After a lot of hardwork and some rookie mistakes... (drum roll please) Here is where we are at.


So cute, right? I absolutely love it! I cannot wait to get a chair so I can work there consistently for freelance work.

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to stain the top darker and to get one fun knob vs the bracket handle that was on it before. It looked very nautical before, which I have no problem with but I wanted it to look fresh and fun.

So I picked out my stain, sanded everything, filled in the holes on the drawers and drilled a new hole for the knob (we got help on this part), went with white paint for now (the jury is still out on that one... I'm still considering a pale yellow), went to anthro (anthropologie for you-grammatical correct people that have joined the majority of this english speaking society), looked through all their fun knobs and narrowed it down to two. (Hobby Lobby also has fun and significantly cheaper knobs but it's not as close-- so c'est la vie)

I mean how cute is the winning knob? Can you tell I love this desk?

 We sanded the top and stained over the existing the stain which made the color a dark brown with a hint of cherry. I luhovve it.

So this is it and probably where it will live for now. I'll hook up my laptop to the other screen and have a dual screen. Now to find a chair ;)

and that's it ;)

 Sidenote: I got this adorable outfit over the weekend with coupons and sales for less than $30. I love it. I also love the weather. I have been sitting outside for lunch the past few days and I am actually starting to look tan. It's like the adult version of a spring break. Kohl's has this cute little pond with picnic tables around it so you can enjoy the outdoors but have somewhere to sit. It's really nice. They also have a walking path around the building and entire parking lot (imagine a mall-sized building with accompanying parking lot). It's really nice. I always see people walking on their lunch break.

Happy Thursday and 4 days of blogging this week! Whoot! Whoot! Thanks to those readers that have faithfully checked my blog even when I don't blog consistently. Yay!


Leighann said...

I love the desk. and I love the idea of light yellow. Hmmm. what a conundrum. Your outfit reminds me of the coupon you sent me. Maybe I'll go get a new bathing suit for Me-he-co. :)

Abby Wilkinson said...

It looks AMAZING!!!! I love it!

Kate said...

Love it! Good work, Deej!

Anonymous said...

oooh LOVE the desk! And, looove the little thingie you put on it (can’t think of the word right now). So cute that you guys have so many projects going on. I love it!