Thursday, May 16, 2013

May is my jam

Last year about this time is when I really started to feel settled. I started to get friends, know where I was going, have fun things to do, and love the weather. I think all that sunshine really makes a difference.

Speaking of weather, the weather around here is getting to be so awesome. 70's and sunny at least 4 days of the week and then in dips a little down but I love those four-ish days. I have been eating outside every day it's nice for the past three weeks with the other freelancer in my department, Stephanie. It has been so nice. We're getting tans and getting to see the baby geese that just hatched this week. They are way too cute.

 She has a friend at Kohl's and that friend has a friend so now the four of us have been eating lunch together. It's really nice to know people. We are all Christians and three of us are married so it's also nice to have those things in common. Well all of that to say, Stephanie got a new full-time job else where and so unfortunately today is her last day. On one hand, I am so excited for her that she will get to be a designer again (since her and I don't really get to design at all but instead just help the designers) and get paid vacation (which is an awesome adult perk), but on the other hand (the selfish hand I sometimes always have) I'm bummed to lose a work friend just when it was becoming fun. It kind of sucks. Not like the pull your hair out and cry yourself to sleep kind of suck but more like you spend 2 hours making a gourmet meal only to spill it all on the dirty floor. You can make that gourmet meal again but it's going to take time. I can make more work friends but it's going to take time and now I won't get to see her as frequently. At least, her having her last day today means we'll have a food day (everyone brings in food and we eat literally all day- whenever you want) and it'll provide some quality fellowship.

In other news, Adam and I are almost done with our table. I can't believe it. We've been working on it for over a month. I am hoping to finish it over the weekend and reveal it next week. Anyone have any plans this weekend?

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Anonymous said...

Aw so sad that your friend is leaving! You’re so funny the way you wrote about it though (the selfish hand). And, the baby geese are SOOO cute! There are lots of baby cows (I believe they’re called calves) around here recently and I like to watch them chase each other in the field. The other day I was this close to pulling over and petting one that was close to the fence. :) My plans this weekend involve studying for a final, working on a research paper, cleaning a leetle and hanging out with bobby. I probably won’t work as much as that sentence makes it sound, for example, I’m “studying” right now. ha Miss you! Just a few more weeks and we’ll be watching new girl marathons til 3 am woo hoo!