Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Leave it to the boys

We had an interesting weekend jacked full of activities. Well, Friday night was pretty lazy but we did some errands and started watching the Bourne Series (Can you believe Adam had never seen all of them? He wants me to correct that sentence that he has but believe you me, when we first started dating, he hadn't. So there. I win. I mean what?!?)

Saturday we went tailgating at the Brewer's game because apparently Wisconsin tailgates at every event. Fun fact, one of the reasons that Miller Park was built in the "suburbs" was because they wanted to build a big enough parking lot for tailgating to be possible. Another fun fact, people used to tailgate and not go to the game so now they kick people into the game which is a funny thought. Anyways, a couple of us got there before our friends who were bringing the grill so we were just chilling by our cars. When Justin and Spencer got there (a.k.a guys with the grill), they called us so we could meandering back many rows and end up at the truck. We brought all our condiments, chips, drinks, brats/hotdogs, buns, fruit, dips, chairs and ended up at the truck. This is the part where Brian who planned the whole day, informs us that he actually didn't ask Justin to bring his grill but just assumed he would. At this point, Justin informs us that he actually doesn't have grill anymore. So, at this point we made Brian ask everyone one in the vicinity if we can use their grill so that we can use the supplies we bought and enjoy a grilled hotdog. Haha it was a really funny situation and it was fun to get some sun with some friends. Adam and I didn't end up going to the game because there weren't any cheap tickets and the roof was closed on such a nice day so we went home and met up with everyone later.

 Ericka and Alli
 a little kids field right in Miller Park's front yard.

We ended up going to a late night improv show. There were 9 of us so we had to take 2 cars. During the middle of the show we noticed that one of our drivers was missing. We thought he had gone to the bathroom but then he was gone for a long time. About that time we got a text from him saying he was really tired so left. The weirdest thing ever. You drive 4 other people to a show and then sneak out of the show without telling anyone? Wow. LOL. We made it work but it was a super interesting moment when you realize you've been left somewhere.

Anyways, all in all our weekend was fun, interesting, and full of beautiful weather ;)

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Leighann said...

Um, this is a very funny post. It seems your male friends need to work on communication, i.e., I can drive you there, but not home AND I don't have a grill anymore. Hahaha! Glad you had a fun time.