Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our weekend

Small recap before I can blog this week.

My family loves to group chat. It's pretty fun and very distracting at work.

 We spontaneously had a couple friends over for dinner. Then they decided to make cookies. Oh was that funny watching them struggle over baking powder and baking soda and which utensils to use. It was pathetic in a funny way.

Saturday after Adam golfed with some buddies, we got in the car to head down for his friend's birthday in Chicago. Not everyone is happy with car ride photos. We laughed about this photo all weekend.

While we waited for our pizza we took a walk on Northwestern's campus. It was absolutely beautiful. It made you feel smarter, or at least Adam thought so.

I mean this was their library. I would be smarter too.

 This is their pond with a little strip of land in between Lake Michigan. Excuse me.
With a view of the city like this. I don't know if I would ever study so I wouldn't really be smarter.
(side not on this picture: We were told that it would be 45 min-1 hour till our pizza so we asked if we could take a walk on Northwestern's campus and just be back by then (We left a phone number just in case). We had walked for about fifteen minutes and wanted to see the lake and what you could see there and then was going to head back with plenty of time. About that time, we got a call from the pizza place saying that a table was opening up in a few minutes. I knew Adam really wanted to see the lake and possible city view so he ran towards the lake and I walked really fast towards the pizza place. By the time, we got to the pizza place (he caught up) we both were a little tired haha him more than me. We walked a little too far. haha but well worth it.

 The campus is in a very populated area yet has lots of grassy areas. Love all the trees!

 Our pizza with our friend and Adam's roommate last summer, Nick. We then headed to the birthday get together. We stayed till about 11 and then randomly met up with Rob, another friend of Adam's from Asbury. He happened to be a mile from where we were with other friends. It was fun. I hadn't seen Rob in 2 years. It was crazy.

Mother's day, we spent with Adam's family. It was really fun. We went out to lunch. It was really nice. We hope to go back for a longer visit next time.


Kate said...

Da-hang, Northwestern would make me feel smarter, too.

Marie-Claire said...

Cool that y'all saw Nick! You should have told me to fly up and we could have recreated our weekend in September.

And wow Northwestern looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

You’re hilarious! Love the group chat screen shot- Chrissy forgot her phone that day and 86 messages when she got home haha

Also, you and adam are so cute! LOVE the car picture- should frame it! For rizzle!