Monday, June 3, 2013

Scottish Fest and Church Picnics

Taylor, me and Tasha at the Scottish Festival

This weekend was filled with plenty of friend time. On Saturday, while Adam was off golfing and watching the NBA game with some guys, I was at the Scottish Fest with my good friend, Tasha, and her good friend, Taylor. It was super Scottish. We had caper tosses (those long logs that weigh over 100 lbs), axe throwing competitions, weight throwing competitions (the guys had to throw 52 lbs over a 10 foot pole that looked like field goal post in football), live music, real clans, burial ceremony demonstration, cricket how-to (we got to play a game!), and sheep herding. Like I said, really Scottish but super fun.

 I met Taylor for the first time this weekend. She is super cool. Her and Tasha were friends in college.
I'm obsessed with puppies so I got to pet this little guy and wanted to text Adam about it. Unfortunately I forgot my phone in the car so I had Tasha send it. She accidentally typed in his number wrong so this is the message we had with the owner of that said number. It was very entertaining.

We got to play cricket, which is a very interesting game. The other team didn't pick me to be on their team, probably because I had a dress on, but I didn't know I was going to play cricket and I am sick of wearing the only pair of shorts I have. Therefore, I decided to stick it to them. I got three of the four outs needed (we had an smaller team, therefore abbreviated game).

The goal of the game is to hit the bales off the wicket. The wicket is right behind the batter ( The wicket is the three wooded sticks and the bales are two small things that look like spinning tops that balance on the wicket) Our team crushed. It was awesome.

 Then we watched sheep herding. Those dogs are super obedient. It was incredible.

We had a church picnic yesterday. It was "unseasonably" cold. I don't believe that but that is what everyone tells me every time the temperature dips back down. We ate and then convinced people to play kickball. I was the referee to try and convince people to play. I didn't do a great job but it was fun and then we played for real.

 These girls are totes adorbs.
 We were wrapped in jackets, blankets, and towels while playing. 

I think our team lost but I'm not sure. We went really easy on everyone haha Even though it was cold, it was fun to share food and fun with our church.

Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

You are so funny! This whole post made me happy. The Scottish thing looks like so much fun- I rembered one of our Nintendo games had a caper toss and we could never figure out the point. Good luck in getting a puppy! Katie