Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kindra's Bridal Shower

cute brides-to-be

I want to make this. It was right inside Kindra's mom's house.

Kindra had a bridal shower on Saturday. It was cute and bridie as usually. The food was great!

My job was keep track of the gifts and who gave them. She had 3 rounds of gift opening at her open house bridal shower so this was a pretty important job haha

 (she got the cute sign and basket and candles that smelled like sunshine on this shelf)

She got a lot of good stuff . I was happy for her. (I mean you can't go wrong with Target, TJ Maxx, or Anthropologie)

These were from Anthro. Measuring cups that look like an old milk bottle. Maybe not pratical but uber cute so who cares, right?

This little girl was super bored so she told Kelcie and I stories about her cat. She looked kind of grown up playing with her hair and saying the craziest things.

Her: One time my cat got attacked. We don’t know what did it. Are there any hyenas near my street?
Kelcie: I don’t think so.
Her: Oh, then it could have been the deer or you know what, it must have been the raccoons. They were hungry that season.

She started another story with this
Her: I don’t like to tell this part of the story but this one time…

She was cracking Kelcie and I up.

I’m so happy for Kindra. Her and Taylor tie the knot in less than 3 weeks. I’m super pumped!

             we couldn't stay away from the food. I told you, it was good!

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