Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mid Week Motivation

My boss (and boss's boss for that matter) went on vacation this week so before he went he decided to give us a motivational speech and goal. The most projects we've finished in a week is 15 so our boss wanted us to finish at least 15 jobs this week.

ME: What do we get if we complete that many jobs?
JENNIFER (project manager): You get to keep your jobs.
ME: Yeah, yeah, in addition to that. Maybe an ice cream party (because I was feeling like a 5 year old that day)
SCOTT: mmm okay, if you finish the jobs, you guys can not only keep your jobs but get ice cream too.

So our goal this week is productivity.
Our motivation is ice cream.

7 down. 8 more to go in the next three days ;) I think we can do it!

Oh and Happy Birthday to Buck! He's super old today ;)

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Anonymous said...

Haha! You’re hilarious!