Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy one year engagement to me

Yep. It's been that long. A year ago, Adam asked me to marry him. A year ago, I was a nanny, waitress, and sometimes morning supervisor at the college gym. A year ago, I was still hanging out with my best friends from college and fiancé and lived in Kentucky. I can't believe how much has changed in the last year. New places, faces, viewpoints, struggles, joys, and things I'm looking forward. God is good. He has been so faithful to me this year especially when I was being a real brat. haha I can't believe how much I have learned this year. I am excited for the upcoming months especially but just years in general.

In other news, Happy Christmas in July! We had a Christmas card planning party in our office. It's
so weird to think about Christmas so early but so necessary for how many cards we have to plan for for the university. I'll share the recipe for the cute little santa hats later this week. They were so good ;) and fairly easy.

wish I would have remembered to take the toothpick out of the santa hat....

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