Monday, July 2, 2012

So good for my soul

This past weekend, my good friend, Evan, got married to his childhood sweetheart ( I guess that's how you would categorize their relationship). It was so good to see all my friends and the wedding of course. All weekend, we just kept saying, "this just feels so right." It felt like we had never left each other's sides to go do crazy things that we felt God calling us to. It didn't feel like it had been over a year since we graduated and said goodbye to each other and the place that had become our home for the last four years. It was so good to be back with everyone in the place that held so many memories. It just felt right to be with the people who knew me the most. They had seen me at my best and my worst. They had helped me heal and grow up and I couldn't be more thankful for them.

My college roommate, Marie-Claire and I had had been sending updates to each other on our impending reunion for the last 2 weeks.

We of course went to Targ (Target for those of you who actually speak like normal adults and not wannabe college students). We had to take a picture because if this was last year, we'd be in Target on any given day together because we love that store.

 We got to eat at Tastebuds which was one my favorite spots to go. Their pizza, salads, shakes, anything on their menu is soooo good!

I got to hang out with these girls the most and it was great ;) On our way to the wedding

Wouldn't you know it, there was a church with a wedding going on right next to the church we were supposed to be at. We sat their and only saw hispanic people going in to the church. I don't think the two whitest, blondest people we know from redneck Kentucky  would only have hispanic people at their wedding so we kept driving and found the right church ;)

Aww what a handsome groom. The bride was stunning! but alas I didn't get a picture of her ;(

Anna is actually on her way to Indiana right now to spend a few days with Abby and I ;)

My roommates from last year minus Taylor and plus sneaky Lauren 

Four of us are now engaged. This picture represents a lot of money.

 My friends are beautiful. Can't look at either of these pictures and find a girl that is not both beautiful inside and out ;)

I'm not sure why we didn't find these frames until the end of the reception but they were super fun.

The wedding was beautiful and the reception was fun. It was great to catch up with everyone and dance of course ;) So many songs I don't know the dances too. I was learning so many new dances.

We made the most of our time together. Staying up late, eating meals together, and just having a really good time. 

Brunch with everyone before we all started leaving. The bottom picture was everyone minus Maddi (taking the picture) and Aaron and Abby who had already left I think.

 A great way to end the weekend was having a spontaneous date with Adam in Indianapolis. He was traveling from Chicago to KY to spend some time with his friends as I was traveling from KY to my house. We ended up in Indy at the same time so we coordinated where to meet ;) It was a short dinner but it was really fun. He comes this Thursday night to see me till Saturday afternoon. Excitement all around.


Kate said...

GOSH, what a fun weekend! I'm so glad I got to see your pretty face!

Katie Cottle said...

So glad you almost ended up at a hispanic wedding haha And, glad you got to see your friends! Missing you, Jack too!

Marie-Claire said...

Great post! You're so much better at blogging than I am.

Leighann said...

This is such a fun post... so glad you got to catch up with your friends. And so fun you and Adam were in Indy at the same time!