Friday, July 13, 2012

Exciting Friday

Today I am excited to announce two things. ( announce is probably too dramatic of a word to use for these statements lol )

1. I get to go WEDDING dress shopping tomorrow with two of my sisters and my mom. I also get to see my brother-in- law, nieces, nephew, Neil, and my brother which is also exciting. Oh and jack, Katie's dog. So basically a mini family get together along with wedding dress shopping. That spells a good weekend to me ;)

2. We have been ├╝ber productive this week.If you can't tell, that says we got 19 jobs done. We worked on over 40 projects this week but only closed 17. Two are printing but won't technically be done till Monday. Can't wait for our boss to come back on Monday and see all we've done. Since we've been so productive this week, we've taken the time today to do fun projects for our office that we have been meaning to do for a couple of months but just didn't have the time. We even did a hilarious photoshoot (of which I'll share pics of next week) for one of our current projects. It has been such a fun day! What a great way to end the week ;)

Happy weekend!

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Leighann said...

I loved seeing you this weekend. Thanks for driving all the way here!!