Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dress shopping

I got a dress! and had a wonderful weekend with my family. Here's some photos from the day but my dress is not on here because of the off chance that Adam would remember about my blog and check it.

 Getting the ol' measurements.

 So excited and goofy!

Entertaining themselves.

I come out with my first dress on, and they say," This is not about you," as they are taking their photo. It was hilarious.

I had seen this dress in a magazine 6 months ago and had thought that this was the ONE but in trying it on realized it made me feel like a little kid. It was a pretty gown and had elements that I really liked but in the end it wasn't for me. ( I really wanted to like it so I tried it on twice haha)

Dress #2 (we numbered the dresses to be able to keep track of them.) This was Katie's favorite. I liked it but I liked others better.

I really liked this one too. It was a vintage one with a cool back. But I thought maybe it felt too garden party vs wedding.

 I really liked this lace one with a bling belt. It was really fun. Katie and I had really different style all day. This was dress who knows what number so we had figured that out by now.

Katie: Do you really like this dress
Me: Yes, I really do.
Katie: I thought you would because I don't really like it.
we both were laughing so hard at that.

 I liked the detailing on this one but I always wear flowers so I wanted something else, ya know?

Katie was cold so she kept using the wraps they brought me to try on.

I picked a dress that just felt comfortable, bridal, elegant, and really pretty. I'm super excited. It was really fun and nice to share the morning with my mom and two of my sisters.

 Katie at our girls lunch. Then we stopped by an estate sale about to end on the way home.

Leighann debating whether or not to get the bed. She did the sniff test. She got it, box spring and frame included for $20!

Katie got an adorable lamp for $6.
Then we went home to hang out with everyone and have dinner.

Ryan started this so I joined in for the photo. He is so cute!

Uncle John carrying Ryan so he could sit next to his mom. He loved it.

Very fun to have good quality time with my family.

My mom brought me stuff from my room and i found some real gems.

In case you can't read this journal entry on Dream Vacations, part of that vacation was going to Indiana.  Very funny, God, because I now live in Indiana.

An old picture of John. He's so little.

I'm so happy I got to see my family and find a dress ;)
Hope y'all are having a great week!


Katie Cottle said...

This is the best blog you ever wrote. And, I don’t just think that because I’m in half the pictures... ok, yes I do.

It was so much fun to see you & I can’t wait to see you in just a few weeks!

Kate said...

Why are your legs so hot? I can't wait to see the dress you picked!