Monday, July 30, 2012

Kindra's wedding

My weekend didn't start off great because I kept making silly mistakes that left me feeling frazzled. While I was packing my car, I left my doors open and ran back inside to get the last of it. During that time it started to pour! I forgot about my doors being open and decided to wait till the rain let up for a second before I ran to the car.

This is what I found when I got there.

On my way down to the rehearsal/friend dinner, I thought about my attire for the next day and decided it wasn't up to par. So stopped at Target to get something new. I bought a dress really quickly and then forgot to buy a gift bag for the gift. So I had to run back in. Then I got lost a couple of times. I just felt silly but finally I got there and saw my friends and all was good ;)

I got to stay the night with Kindra and a couple of other girls. Since she only had one bridesmaid, she invited a few other friends to stay the night and get ready with her in the morning. She told we had to leave the house by 7 am.

Kelcie and I were impressed with ourselves ;)

We got some caffeine and sugar at starbucks and then headed to the venue.

Hanging out and getting ready. The morning started early but was pretty chill and not too stressful (well not for me anyways haha)

Kirsten did her hair so she was putting in her headpiece.

friends helping her get dressed ;)

The venue was an older house with a huge backyard. They got married in the backyard and had the reception closer to the house under a tent. Kindra's mom is a wedding planner. The wedding was beautiful. Kindra looked gorgeous and so retro. There could not have been a more perfect day weather-wise. The ceremony was mostly in the shade (except our seats haha) and it was 75 degrees and partly sunny. There was even a mild breeze. They had a morning wedding so while they got their pictures taken, we could get iced coffee, other juices, and/or pastries. Adam and I started a game of croquet with some other people. I had never played that game before but it was really fun ;) 
Then when Kindra and Taylor were ready, we all congregated under the tent for brunch. It was so refreshing and pleasant. Loved it!

happy couple.

The guest book was vintage postcards that you could write messages to the happy couple. Very cute. I rearranged the vintage letters to say my initials. Maybe that was wrong but I thought it was funny haha

Place cards clothes pinned on this door and frame.  

cute pastries

friends ;)

sign above the sweetheart table

their exit

He has started wearing suits more often. I will never complain or be mad about that fact.

After their wedding (which ended around 2 lol) Adam and I had the rest of the day to hang out. He had taken a bus from Chicago to Indy and didn't leave till 9 that night. We decided to go register at Target since we won't get a chance to do that in the next month or so and thought it might be a good idea. The Target website told me how many days are till our wedding and I'm a little annoyed. I was purposely avoiding all the countdown sites because I've already waited a year and I need the days to say the wedding is a lot closer than it is at the moment. I have my friend keeping a countdown for me and she is supposed to tell me when it gets down to a certain number lol and we're still a ways out from that haha

While registering, Adam was looking for a work backpack. This was my suggestion. Nothing says I'm a working adult that wants to be taken seriously like a penguin backpack, right? 

It was good to see my friends, Kindra finally get married and Adam even if it all happened so fast.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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