Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bedroom look Tease

I got a new comforter over Christmas and haven't gotten everything put away and in the right places but I thought I could at least show you the color of my room. Please excuse the number of mismatched blankets on my bed, I pay for the heat bill and therefore had to think about warmth before style.

This is what my bedroom looked like.

This is what my bedroom looks like now

Hope your holidays went well. I will update later with the rest of my house and fun things I got to do with Adam and his family. Happy New Year!


Leighann said...

Soooo pretty. Can't wait to see the 'spread.

johanna said...

WOW!Is that gray? I really like it. I can't wait to see the bedspread either.

Dot said...

Yeah it is. So bold, right? Leighann helped me with that one :)