Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cooking for One

In my mind, food is meant to be a social event, one to be enjoyed and shared. I love to have food parties where everyone brings a dish or we have full-course meal shared among everyone. Cooking for one is a different story. Instead I have to ask myself, what do I want to eat for the next 7 days? When you share food, you don't necessarily think about all the calories or health of the meal because you know that you aren't going to eat the entire thing. This is different when you are cooking for one. Does anyone have any ideas for cooking for one? It's hard to split recipes if they call for whole cans of things because even if I split the recipe, I am still going to half of the can of whatever (beans, corn, soup, etc) to use. I don't want to waste but I don't necessarily want to have monotony in my diet. Anyways, just asking you guys if you know of any recipes, websites, or ideas out there for me?

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Thanks. Hope you guys have a fabulous Wednesday.


Leighann said...

Freeze the halves that you don't use. I freeze anything from chicken broth, canned tomatoes, tomato paste, etc. You can freeze your leftovers too... including rice. The only thing I"m not sure about is fresh produce... if you freeze it you'd want to use it in a cooked dish when it's thawed cause the consistency changes. Seriously. I think your best friend right now is going to be your freezer.

Leighann said...

OH, when freezing things like tomato paste, measure it out in 1 tbsp piles and freeze on a cookie sheet (lined with wax paper) first, then put in a ziploc. Most recipes call for little bits instead of a whole or half can. This way you can pull out just what you need. :)

Kate said...

I've been wondering the exact same thing! I have like no room in my freezer, so I can't freeze leftovers. :(