Friday, January 6, 2012

The Decision

You know what is ugly? Every US map there is but that's not what my blog is about so I digress.

Okay, so I am presented with a dilemma. My new move has forced me to consider what part of the country I most identify with. I mean, I grew up in a state that didn't even pick a side in the Civil War. I lived in one state, went to high school in another, and church in yet another so I didn't really identify with my "home" state. My church was non- denominational because they couldn't choose which denomination to associate with. My high school was utterly confused. It was a mennonite school called Shalom Christian Academy which sounds like it's Jewish or Christian or neither? I'm not even sure about that one. I wasn't right down the road to any major city but I was within hours to 5 of the largest cities in the country. So again no association with any particular one. Then I went to another border state for college that tried to pretend they were from the South but in all reality they weren't that south at all. However, now I am in a state that is nothing but North. I do things like ice skate, curl, ski (one day), look for good chili recipes, and order flannel sheets online. There's no "y'all", its back to being "you guys" for everything. Every town at one time was an industrial town so there are huge warehouses and factories EVERYwhere. There's always snow, whether it's a light dusting or a monsoon of snow (normal people would call that a blizzard). And when there's snow, a. the state takes care of it promptly and b. people still drive their normal speed. It's crazy how different if feels to be here then it ever has anywhere else. What's a girl who grew up in the midst of indecision and the neutral part of the country to do?


Leighann said...

Okay, so funny. I've run into a little of the same thing here... although I claim DC as my home. My quandary is that I do think of myself as living on the East Coast and suddenly I live in the mid-west? Am I in the mid-west? Whatever Ohio and Western PA consider themselves. :)

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate. I remember feeling this way FORever... And being irritated with Abraham Lincoln. He posted guards in MD during the civil war to keep those who would vote to secede from voting. I felt totally confused to live below the mason dixon but to be considered part of the North by many... Hee hee...
Today, I'm not so irritated with Lincoln and I feel good to be from MD. What is Indiana considered? Is that the midwest?