Monday, January 16, 2012

7 quick lists

So this weekend was not a total bust and here's why:

1. I finished the second book of the Hunger Series, Catching Fire, and I'm going crazy not being able to get my hands on the final one of the series. Why you ask can I not read the last one? Well it is because I am the 7th person to put a hold on the book from the library!!! That's what you get when you read the series while it's hot. Usually I don't have this problem. I just finished the Harry Potter series, which was cool years ago, just got an iphone, and was probably the last person on the earth to update their Mac operating system.

2. Went to brunch with a new friend, Brittney, and got to hang out for the afternoon. It was really fun and it was nice to a) get to know someone and b) get to know someone who hasn't grown up at this university.

3. Went to a cool flea market and saw things from naked mannequins to super nintendo games. It was really cool. Marie, I thought of you when I saw not only the Oreo cookie jar but the Oreo milk pitcher.

4. Discovered not only was James Dean born around here but so was Jim Davis, author/creator of Garfield. Would explain all the Garfield statues around here.

5. Got Facetimed by my nieces to see if I wanted Girl Scout Cookies. They were cute and I love cookies so yes, I will order 2 boxes. I mean because there were 2 nieces, not because I just really love cookies or anything like that. I also got to see their whole Barbie, Polly Pocket, and baby collection. I know what they don't need for their next birthday/Christmas.

6. My house has had this musty, funky smell since I moved in and it's finally going away after a lot of cleaning, candle burning, and putting charcoal in the closets. This makes me happy because I don't want to be that girl with the funky smelly house.

7. I started this class with oh, mostly freshman boys but it's called Intro to Web Programming. I know, you wish you were in there with me, but the point is my prof said that we had homework this weekend. So I was stressing because I don't have internet and I didn't know when I was going to finish. So I came into my office on a Sunday to discover it's not due till Friday. Thanks Prof for the scare. I forgot this is a freshman class and I already got a degree lol

Hope the weekend was good for everyone!


Anonymous said...

Yay for weekends that aren't total busts!!! I know what you mean about being behind the times. I still don't have an iphone, or a smartphone of any type really. I don't even have internet service on my phone (although it is capable, i just don't wanna pay for it). I've only played angry birds once, on someone else's ipad, and I have no idea what the current trendy tv shows are because I just watch criminal minds reruns online. Ha. The list goes on and on really.

Leighann said...

Maybe it's a family thing... I'm not up on the latest gadgets either. Hubby had to update my phone this Christmas to the iPhone from a phone that barely took pictures and no internet. Also, thanks for taking the tour of the house with the girls... and for ordering cookies.

johanna said...

Glad you had a good weekend. I also got suckered into buying cookies. When 2 cute girls ask me to buy cookies, what else besides yes am I supposed to say? So 4 boxes of cookies coming up! I also am not anxious to upgrade or buy the latest and greatest. But I am married to someone who is. Love ya.