Monday, January 2, 2012


New Years Eve was spent:

having a Frittata cookoff, Adam vs his Grandma for the family brunch. (Frittada is an Italian egg pie consisting of sausage on the bottom then ricotta cheese and top with egg and cooked in a skillet. Adam decided to add bacon, green peppers, and onion to his. It was really good!

Playing games with the family. Adam's grandma is fiesty. She tries to block Adam so that he can't win. Of course, he still won.

Playing harmonica with Grandpa Wally.

Parking near Millennium Park so that we could go ice skating. We got there right as they closed early for the Holiday. Now we had to walk farther to Navy Pier without the benefit of skating first.

Finding a surprise ice skating rink on the way to Navy Pier.

Getting a little misguided. We ended up in a dead end street.
The Ferris Wheel is where we were trying to be.

Waiting for the bathroom.

Finding our destination.

Riding the Famous Ferris Wheel.

Getting the best seat for the fireworks.

Having fun as the New Year began :)


Leighann said...

This looks like so much fun... even if you took the scenic route to the ferris wheel! We spent the evening playing games with friends. We were so caught up in the game we missed the ball drop. We didn't know it was midnight until a neighbor shot off a firecracker. Ha! Oh well. It was still fun.

Jenelle said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to ride hat carousel!!! So glad you guys did it even tho I bet you froze