Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Before and After

I am currently obsessed with this site. If you are anything like me, you love the end outcome. I love the bottom line. I saved this much money. I took it from that to this. I could watch just the end of all the makeover shows and be way happier than watching the full thing. The part I don't really like is the middle part. Ya know, the work. That can get kind of laborious and sometimes make you lose vision when there are multiple stages of creativity. This site is awesome because it shows the before and after. There's a little paragraph about the piece and I'm sure if I did more in depth research I would find out their method but I really like the to-the-point posts.
Anyone want to do projects with me in the Spring or maybe just do your own?

p.s. Nerd Alert: I am learning about html in my freshman level class and I think I could almost write the html for this post. Pretty cool, stuff.


Anonymous said...

I just spent two hours on that site... um, thanks for the site suggestion? Also, I'll definitely do a project with you! What shall we do? I actually do have a few ideas so you should call me.

Kate said...

I'm learning HTML, too! Love it. And that Better After site is awesome!