Thursday, January 5, 2012


This year was full of surprises, both good and bad. I think at times I felt like this little boy watching the penguins with all the tough situations thrown my way but all in all, I am really thankful for the blessings that God has given me.

Good friends and good food.

Friends that last all four years of college and new ones made along the way :) (my how good four years had been to us)

Graduation and good hair days.
(I wish my hair could look half that good the rest of the year)

Fun pictures, better relationships with my family, and dogs.
(Ya'll know my obsession with puppies.)

This family was great. Love them, miss them, and can't wait to till I see them again. Took me into their home and loved me like their own. Truly great people.

Y'all knew this was coming, right? Thankful for him. Distance has proven that even more. Can't wait till we live with each other.
(Probably need to pick out a wedding date first.... getting a little ahead of myself)

Fun photo shoots. I could make up something about going for your dreams or shooting for the stars but in all reality I just had so much fun being in this photo, I wanted to include it.

My family is tops on this list. So thankful for my relationships with each of them. Wish I lived closer. Maybe one day.

A mild winter. I pay the adult bills now so I'm thankful for any way to save money ;) Even though it was a bummer not to go skiing or ice skating on a pond when I was in Chicago, I'm thankful for the chance to save the little money I have.

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Anonymous said...

Love this post! So glad Jack made your blog!!!!!