Friday, June 15, 2012

Pinterest Party

I have been inspired a lot by some furniture redos on Pinterest. I decided my cragslist furniture needed some updating.

 Dark walls and accents of color or white.

Painting the back of a bookcase with a different color.

Redoing a cheap lamp.

My bed frame, I think, was supposed to be cream with gold trim but the gold was actually turning green. It wasn't a good look at all. So I decided to paint it all white. A random guy at Lowes told me not to sand it because it would be too much work. I wish I would have just sanded it because the paint didn't stick as well to the surface as I think it would have. But now I know this for next time.

Also this bookcase was an ugly purply brown. I didn't know how they had gotten that color until I discovered the bookcase had been lavender and then painted with one coat of brown. Makes perfect sense now.

This little guy has a brother and they got spray painted a light blue. It worked very well but the color was a little off from my bedspread so he ended back up in the closet. I want to figure out a new color for him and a new shade to really change his look. He'll get another update soon.

Before and After

In other news, Adam is caddying for his friend at a golf tournament in Indy today. I really hope the friend does well. I am excited to see Adam tonight and part of tomorrow ;)

Adam added his mark on my whiteboard last time he was here. Who is next to add something to my whiteboard. There is lots of room. You just have to travel a billion miles to come and see me and write on the whiteboard ;)


Anonymous said...

Love your projects! I always come up with great ideas for projects but never follow through :( So impressed with all the work that must have been!

(And it shall be me to leave the next mark on your board)

Just Liz. said...

I love this.