Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Until I get my pictures off my camera from my California trip, I thought I would share pictures from my last weekend with Adam. I ended up taking more pictures with my iPhone than my real camera, which makes me wonder why I even bring my camera on trips. I took my last vacay day on Friday so I went to Milwaukee on Thursday evening. I got to have dinner with some of Adam's friends which was good. The next day we did a few errands around M-town and had lunch with a couple more of his friends and then headed north to go see his sister.

Adam's sister, Sarah, worked at a ranch in South Dakota the last two years wrangling horses and doing trail rides. Backstory: their family went on vacation to same ranch 10 years prior and that had started Sarah's love of horses. When it came time for her to get a summer job, she did some research, found the ranch, and got hired to learn more about her passion. Fast forward: She's now working for the summer at a different camp that is closer to home. She got hired because of her experience with horses. She hasn't been up there very long so is still feeling the awkwardness of being somewhere new where lots of people know each other but you don't know anyone (I know how she feels... I felt that way a lot this winter, as I'm sure I don't have to remind you guys who listened to me on the phone or read this blog... ) So Adam and I decided to visit her. She showed us all around the tiny towns of northern Wisconsin.

She isn't even 5 foot but she holds her own 
even up against the draft horses.

We ate at a cute little restaurant known for their numerous choices on bottled soda. It was really fun.

Adam said he would pay for us if we could figure out how much the tip should be. I confidently whispered the number to him and was a dollar off. Adam threatened to make us do the dishes to pay off our dinner when it was apparent we were both struggling with math. (sorry Mom and Aunt Karen) I really don't know what happened. I used to be decent at math but honestly never really have to use it with my job so I'm afraid I'm getting really sloppy with doing math in my head.

The rest of the weekend was filled with mini golf, kayaking, really good ice cream, nature, and lots of laughs. About the nature part, seriously I have not seen that many stars in a long time. It was beautiful. And we got to walk in the horse pasture and all the horses came up to us because they thought Sarah was going to feed them. It was so fun! I've never walked among horses. I've always been on the outside waiting for them to come up to the fence.

There was one horse, Ace, who loves people. He would rest his body against yours and put his head on your shoulder. It was awesome. I didn't want to leave.

 I love animals and so I loved hanging out with the horses, seeing deer, tinie-tiny frogs, or even minnows in the lake. Stick me in a zoo, aquarium, or the wide open spaces and I will be happy as a clam if I see any kind of creature... well except bugs. They are off limits.

Sarah was only off till Saturday night so we headed back to family's house that Adam stays at. We knew we had to get to Milwaukee some time but had nothing specific to get back for so we took our time and stopped at various places along the way. It was so much fun. We went through a national forest and stopped in Green Bay. Neither of us had ever been there so we wanted to see the bay. We found an amusement park instead complete with a $1.00 roller coaster. It was legit and super fun!

Then we found a local spot to eat and even looked at Lambeau Field. It was so spontaneous and fun. I love those kinds of trips!

Sunday was wedding errands and hangouts before I headed back here. It was such a good weekend!


Katie Cottle said...

First- That frog is SO cute!!! I want one!!!

Second- LOVE the horse!! I want it!!!

Third- I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little disappointed about the math/tip thing... although, I should be too hard on you because I’m noticing that I used to be so good at spelling until autocorrect. It’s a little ridiculous some of the words I struggle with now. Sometimes I just keep trying to spell them until Word finally corrects them for me. Let’s keep that between me & you though...

Glad you blogged, glad you had so much fun!


Leighann said...

I love those trips too!! Did you notice that horse's head is the size of your torso. Yikes! I take my camera b/c my iphone pictures are blurry a lot. but yours turned out great. :) maybe it's user error on my part. Funny that your man and my man both have a sister sarah.