Thursday, June 14, 2012


A frequent question I get is what a graphic designer does all day. Anything that is printed or put on the web has an origin. Whether it's the secretary creating it in Word or the designer using specific design programs, the facts are the same. Someone had to create it. Here is an example of a project our office worked on.

This is what a certain office wanted to make as gifts. Classy chocolate boxes like this.

They got this instead. 
(There was a little miscommunication between the printer and the client)

 So our office got to see if we could help for this time and then they would go to a different printer next time.  Kelly designed candy labels and we hand cut them all out. It was an experience. (Usually for these things, you get them printed somewhere and they have a die cut made. The die cut is the specific shape of the finished project.  It saves the work for someone having to hand cut them all out, makes the end product all the same, and is uniquely shaped.)

 For the box not being ideal, the chocolate looks pretty sweet.

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Anonymous said...

I never really thought about how creative and artistic graphic designers had to be until this post. Very Impressive! That chocolate is making my mouth water too..... mmm, mmm..
p.s. Every time I try to post a comment it says “please prove you’re not a robot” and has words I have to type. It kind of cracks me up haha