Thursday, June 7, 2012

Coworkers of the week

I have some of the best co-workers and thought y'all should know.

One week, us girls were not motivated to work. at. all. We said we just needed something to look forward to. So Jer said, "Alright ladies, your procrastination is wearing off on me. Make a list. I don't care what it is, I'll get you whatever you want." So we made him a list and he got everything us we wanted. Down to the fun pez holder.

The next week, I got the stomach bug and my car was in the shop. I just wanted some ginger ale and crackers but didn't think I could make it to the gas station and back. So my fellow designer went and got me stuff on her lunch break. It was such a blessing.

My other coworker and her husband volunteered to come and mow my lawn and trim the bushes. I knew the weeds and bushes were out of control but I didn't have the tools to do it. My yard looks so good now. Seriously, I work with the best people.

If I had a gold star, I give them each one ;)

I'm off to the big bad California tomorrow. Prayers are much appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

The first part of this post really cracked me up “and he got us whatever we wanted” haha
So glad you have awesome coworkers! I know it really makes a difference!