Monday, June 11, 2012


Please excuse my tardiness with this post. I decided the Thursday before Memorial Day that I wanted needed to take advantage of my long weekend and visit someone. I picked Leighann since she was in town and only 6 hours away. Chrissy surprised us and came up too. It was so fun! I wish I lived closer to my family but gotta take advantage of the time I have with them when we get together.

My work dress was supposed to be my Sunday dress but I was getting sweaty.... Also I had been in the car for a long time. I always have a lot of pent up energy traveling by myself.  Lots of people probably got weird voicemails that trip. Your welcome.

Leighann took us to the famous Pamela's. The line was out the wazhoo.

We got these delicious crepe hotcakes. So good. Maybe not the best decision to eat outside in the scorching heat but good none the less. 

She took us to Wooley's the seafood market. It was pretty cool.

Next time I go, I hope we get some crab. I have so many memories from childhood vacations cracking open crabs together at the kitchen table.

The girls were trying on all the different scarves to see which one fit their complexion the best. (sorry Chrissy, this is the only picture I had of you.)

This place looked so good and has a super cute name! We'll have to go next time when we haven't already had our daily sugar intake for the day.

Aren't these kids totes adorbs?

Also I love their interpretation of my name ;)

We tried these pancakes. They were pretty good. Chrissy is so creative ;)

Then we took a tour of Pittsburgh a la backseat of the family car.

This little guy has a special place in my heart. What a sweetie.

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Leighann said...

Wholey's!! I'm so glad you came. And what the heck, I leave for a few days and there's like three new posts. Yay!