Thursday, May 10, 2012


This past Friday, our office went to a telecast conference, called Leadercast. It was put on my Chick-fil-A and held in Atlanta, Georgia. We did not have the privilege of going to ATL but we did get the chance along with 120,000 other people across the USA to watch it via telecast.

It was pretty awesome! The speakers were Andy Stanley, John Maxwell, and Tim Tebow just to name a few.  The topics were about leadership and mainly leadership within a company but a lot of what they said could be applied to leadership and morals in one's life.

It was really inspiring and challenging.

One of the things said, I liked most was by Tim Tebow.
He was talking about football being a platform for leadership and impacting people and said,
"I hate when other celebrities, athletes, or entertainers say, 'I'm not a role model.' Yes you are. You're just not a very good one."
Well said, Tebow.

There was so much said that it is hard to condense it but if you're ever bored, you can look at this guy's sketch notes of the entire day. They are pretty sweet. I wish I had that talent.

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Leighann said...

Wowsers!! Very cool.