Monday, February 3, 2014


Quintessential Wisconsin complete with a painting of the Great lake that Adam painted for me

Today is Adam's first day at his new job in the Chicago area. We are both thrilled about this opportunity for him and aware of the reality of us moving this month (the poor guy will have a decent size commute the next month). The last year (for me) and 2 1/2 year (for him) in Milwaukee have been really fun. We are going to miss a bunch of places and people (lucky for us, some of our friends are hoping to move to Illinois as well).

Our top ten things we'll miss (not necessarily in order of importance but more in order of how I thought of them)

1. How close we are to Downtown
Milwaukee is such a manageable city. We always laugh when the traffic report is on the radio because they mention delays going from 9 minute to 11 minutes to make the same route (11 minutes! That's awesome!). We have definitely been spoiled with the ease of getting around and the fun things this smaller city has to offer. It will definitely be an adjustment to move to such a big city as Chicago but we are up for the challenge.

2. How close we are to the Lake
Even though we rarely get in the lake, it was so fun to be close to water. During the summer, we took runs along the lake, laid out (mainly me on this one), and would watch all the boats coming into the harbor. It was so beautiful.

3. Curling
Even though I haven't gotten to curl this season, it was really nice having a curling club so close. In Chicago there are a couple but they are a lot more expensive or farther away. This hobby might have to take the backseat for a while.

A lot of sandwiches come with a least 2 different cheeses on them. I have gotten a grilled cheese that came standard with 4 different cheeses. um, yum!

4. Cheese everything
Who doesn't love cheese? I loved that there was an extensive cheese section in our grocery store, cheese shops all around, and cheese curds and really yummy grilled cheese sandwiches at almost any place you go. Yum! Adam and I would often get a new flavor of cheese we had never tried just to try out everything.

5. Custard
Along with the cheese theme, Wisconsin is known for their custard. It's so good. It's different than ice cream or fro yo, because it is just so darn creamy and thick. We love it! It's also fun because they have a flavor of the day, so you gotta keep up with the "flavor forecast" or you'll miss out on your favorite flavor. (  Leighann, are you picking up what I'm putting down?)

6. Our Apartment Amenities
Guys, we have been spoiled the last year with a heated garage space, a dishwasher, and an in unit washer and dryer. These things are going to be a thing of the past when we move to our next place. What's that you say? Husbands make good dishwashers? I've heard that too. Guess we'll see how that works out.

7. Sport's games
Miller Park is sooo close to our apartment, we could have technically walked to the games we went to. We have easy access to Milwaukee Buck's, Marquette Golden Eagles, and even lesser known activities like the roller derby. I have never lived that close to any professional sport's stadium but loved always having that option on the table for things to do. 

8. Living across from a Farmer's Market
Oh man, the farmer's market was open every Saturday from May to November and I think we only missed getting our fresh veggies and fruit 5 times . It was so nice. They even had organic/cage free meats/eggs which were nice to get as well. I loved supporting the locals and getting really fresh produce. I also loved the flower people that I bought from often. I am a sucker for fresh flowers… really flowers of any kind. They bring so much life to our apartment.  I am hoping a farmer's market will still be an option in Chicago even if it's not right across the street.

9. Easy access to Nature/Golf courses
Depending where we live in the city/suburbs will impact this answer but it has been nice to be close to so many parks and golf courses, whether it was the real ones, par 3, or mini courses. I didn't get to golf last year very much because of my carpal tunnel but I do enjoy going with Adam. It's fun to be competitive, be outside, and see Adam do something he really enjoys and is pretty good at. (which would be everything, the man is good at everything but at last it's still fun to watch ;)

10. My hairdresser
Okay technically this is a person vs a thing but Shantay is awesome.. Funny story, how we met but our pastor's wife, Tammy, introduced us. I had a wedding hair trial the Wednesday before our wedding and it was bad. I was so bummed that I not only paid for that but was worried that my hair would look terrible on my wedding.

what I wanted my hair to look like.

                      What my hair actually looked like after my trial. YIKES!

 I was talking to Tammy and she told me she had someone who not only would do my hair and but would actually come to my hotel. Shantay came to my hotel, did a wonderful job, has done my hair every since, and now we're friends. I feel like I found a kindred spirit in her. It makes it so much more fun to go get a haircut when you get to hang out with your friend. I will really miss her but luckily we aren't moving that far away.

Hope you guys have a Happy Monday!

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Henry said...

I still haven;t found a good hairdresser in the 3 years since moving. sorry to be such a downer!