Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Visits Part 2

I was so busy this weekend without my husband. You know reading an entire book, running errands, getting lunch with friends, and doing well a lot of whatever I wanted that I forgot to blog. Did I mention that I read an entire book? Okay, I just wanted you to know how busy I was.  I didn't even remember to blog until I was bored at work yesterday.

If you read my sister's, Leighann, blog she also blogged about her perspective on this day. Go over and check it out to get the full experience if you want.

So day 2 we toured Milwaukee. After church, we headed to a local restaurant near the lakefront and then went and saw the lake. It had a little algae-ish stuff so not exactly show worthy but still fun.

What cuties.

Hit some golf balls into the lake. Don't tell the environmentalists.

All the boys wanted in on this event.

Look at the giggles.

 This one is really cute, right?

We went on a local brewery tour, where they have 16 different beers and 10 sodas plus a seasonal flavor. Lots to drink for the whole family. Fun fact: we had this soda at our wedding as a gift to our guests. It's so yummy.


We looked over during the tour to see what the kids were actually doing during the tour.

Each adult gets 4 tickets for beer samples. Leighann is pregnant and I am gluten free so Henry was more than happy to take our tickets away from us.  We decided to cut him off after 9 but he was loving all the different types of beers.

My tour buddy! What a cutie!

Then we went to a park, saw a lighthouse, and the boys hit some balls around an 18 hole par 3 course, where every hole is between 50-90 yards, and the girls played in the "woods" while Leighann and I got to chat. It was really fun. Everyone got some good play time in.

Everybody got a chance to putt.

Then on to rooftop dinner where it was cold. The boys kept warm by sword fighting.

The girls kept warm by their jackets. Uncle Adam even went back to the car to get all kinds of long sleeved shirts, jackets, and sweatshirts to use as blankets. Rooftop might have been aggressive for how chilly it was but it was pretty.
 And the kids got really legit meals. Look at that fruit and veggies.

Then we had to get custard since it's a Milwaukee thing and it was good. Everyone enjoyed ;)
 We went home and after the kids were in bed, we found the guys chatting in our room like this. It was hilarious.

We had so much fun with family in town. Next time we have family come, maybe we'll have more room haha

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