Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Super Bowl Party

Our fantasy football team got together for the big game on Sunday. We got to host since the original "host" started to think of his set-up and realized he didn't have a table (his roommate moved out recently taking his half of the stuff), he didn't have adequate seating for 15 people, and he didn't have cable and therefore was have trouble getting his antenna to properly bring in the Fox.  I'd say he made the right choice.

We got a little excited about hosting and so we made a football field to use as our "table cloth". So of course the guys played paper football.

Adam had a lot of fun building the field and went into great detail.

And brought out our mini game of corn hole.

and everyone brought a great array of snacks. (yes we had a tv on our snack table.)

Stephen Colbert couldn't say Superbowl on his show last week so he kept calling it the "Superb Owl" hence our banners.

 We had a guacamole football field on our football field. Mind blown.

If only the game or the commercials had been entertaining. Oh well, we had fun with each other ;)

p.s. this is my first year on a fantasy football team. Is it normal to have a winter meeting about said league to discuss rules and changes "everyone" wants to make happen next season?

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