Thursday, February 20, 2014

#tbt to that time I had movie picking privileges

Last Friday, we went on our Valentine's date to a movie and dinner. (Not getting creative over here with the amount we are trying to do in 3 weeks). I started watching Downton Abbey last year and so of course, like Sybil's character. When I saw this movie coming out with the same actress in it, I was curious to see it. I didn't really know much about it other than a few trailers but convinced Adam to take me anyways. As soon as it started, I knew I had picked a dud. Both of us thought about sneaking into a different movie but thought it would get better…. It did not my friends and that is why Adam has banned me from picking movies for a while haha and I really don't blame him.

It gives us a good story though. We laughed about it all through dinner at P.F. Changs.  Adam got extra sauce and meat with his meal so he asked for some extra rice to go with it. This is what the waitress brought us. haha

Hope you guys had a great Valentine's last week.


Katie Cottle said...

That bowl of rice is ridiculous!!!!

Marie-Claire said...

I was kind of questioning your desire to see that, but wanted to support the cause. Too bad it was terrible.